I am not your ordinary family photographer.

There’s no posing or forced smiles in a studio. Instead I come to your home or we go on a secluded location to capture the incredible bond of your family.

In a space where you are free to be you, I photograph the story of your family to produce beautiful images that will transport you back to that very moment in time whenever you look back on them.

I am the mother of two crazy kids. I know the noise, chaos, laughter, mess, tantrums and sheer frustration that comes with family life. I know that the love you feel for your kids knows no boundaries. I also know that families don’t usually dress in colour coordinating outfits with perfect hair and dazzling smiles all at the same time.

So I strive to make beautiful images from the small moments that mean so much - a spontaneous cuddle, the pride in a parent’s eyes, a big brother’s kiss for his new baby sister, belly laughing….all the things that usually happen when you’re free to be yourselves.

Before becoming a photographer I studied journalism and photography at Curtin University and worked as a journalist for newspapers and magazines. In 2008 I started photographing weddings and later began photographing families. In 2019 I decided to decided to shift my focus from weddings and devote it entirely to photographing families - nothing compares to that feeling when I capture a special moment between family members, because I know how priceless that photograph will become one day.