The non traditional wedding dress

Sometimes you might find inspiration in the most unlikely of places outside of the bridal bouqitues. Throw caution to the wind and step outside the square - if the traditional bridal boutiques are too overwhelming or you're after something that might not be lacey and white then go with your instinct and find something that matches your personality and style like these gorgeous brides that I had the pleasure of photographing.

Robin didn't want a traditional white wedding gown. It just wasn't her. So she sourced this stunning floral material from an artist in Sydney and then had Cherie from Champagne Couture in Inglewood design and make this incredible dress that was true to her style and personality.


Emma was browsing through the high end fashion boutique Aelkemi in Claremont, looking for inspriation when she came across this dress that was in black. She asked the designer if it could be made in white, and so it was made to be.