Galleria Couture Wedding Dresses

Hand crafted, modern, these dresses are a work of art by award-winning designers Kevin and Nicole at their Menora studio. As a wedding photographer I get to see so many wedding dresses, but Galleria Couture dresses always take my breath away. The attention to detail is phenomenal.  All my clients who have worn Galleria Couture dresses have nothing but the highest of praise and awe for Kevin.


Laura dazzled her groom with this incredible dress, so beautifully detailed with lace and beading and complemented by a floor length veil.


The  plunging neckline accentuated by lace detail was the wow factor of Michelle's dress. It was so beautifully sculptured to her shape, with a striking fusion of silk underlay entwined with lace in the skirt.


Eleanor's Galleria Couture was exquisite with it's sheer lace detail over the shoulders and decolletage and tiny buttons on the back. Like all Galleria Couture's dresses the fitting was like no other.