The Art of Story Telling: Capturing the joy of every day with documentary style photosessions

Documentary style photography sessions are about you being yourselves. They happen in your own home where I spend about two to three hours with you, capturing the joy in the every day ordinary. It's okay to by in your pyjamas still, or if the kids get really filthy or have ice cream smeared across their faces (because that's what kids do). This is the chance to capture the precious moments, in the comfort of your own home, where you are free to be you. This is not about cheesy grins or meticulous posing, but rather capturing a series of images that tell the story of you, so that when the kids can no longer be thrown into the air or run through the sprinklers nudie, you've still got those memories captured forever.

The documentary style photoshoots usually provide about 50 images that can either be purchased as as complete set of digital files with a set of accompanying 6x4 inch fine art prints, or an album or a collection of photowall prints. These sessions are designed to give you a collection of images to tell your story rather than one or two images.