Fremantle Roundhouse Wedding

With just a few days until Christmas,  Julia and Justin tied the knot high on a hill, looking out over the Indian Ocean, beside the historic Fremantle Roundhouse. Laid back yet stylishly simple, it was a ceremony and reception that matched this couple just oh so perfectly.

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A summer night's dream wedding at the Catalina Room

In the distance kids jumped off the jetty into the Swan River with squeals of delight, paddle boarders and kayakers smiled as they paddled past and the smell of barbeques wafted down river as Laura and Brock said 'I Do' at the water's edge of Perth’s iconic Matilda Bay.

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Intimate Perth backyard wedding

Backyard weddings are always beautiful. There’s that intimacy and personal touch that can’t be replicated in any other venue. But when it’s your grandparent’s home and your parents got married in the same backyard some 30 years prior, then it really does become something special.

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Arty Moore and Moore wedding

If you could have a wedding that was perfected down to a fine art, then Sam and Erin's would be the one. With a ceremony set against the contemporary bold art works on display in the PS Art Gallery in Fremantle, followed by a reception at the art gallery in the Moore's Building, it reflected the creative flair of a beautiful and passionate couple. 

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Rottnest Wedding - Kate and Ryan

It's what dreams are made of - white sandy beaches, turquoise calm seas, riding your bike back from the bakery with the smell of your freshly baked baguette wafting under your nose, the calls of seagulls and the gentle sound of waves lapping on the shore as you fall asleep each night contented with another day in paradise. Rottnest, dreamy Rottnest, I miss you. But for Kate and Ryan, the place will hold even more nostalgia as they grow old together. For them it's the place where dreams are made and futures are promised (with Quokkas curiously looking on).