Amazing Backyard Wedding Perth - Naomi and Tom

Oh I do love a backyard wedding. Especially a New Year's Eve one, where the partying carries on until the wee hours of the morning, celebrating a new year, a new beginning. Naomi and Tom's wedding was an incredible way to see the end of the year out. After lovingly tending to their lawn and garden for the weeks leading up to their big day, they created a magnificent setting for their nuptials and reception party in their Claremont home. Their devotion to each other and Tom's gorgeous daughters and their family and friends meant this was a wedding with a whole lot of love spilling over into the new year. I couldn't think of a better way to end the New Year.

The Boatshed wedding Perth - Shannon and Kenrick

After being together for years and years, Shannon and Kenrick are far from running out of things to say. It was obvious that when we went for photographs after their beautiful ceremony at UWA Sunken Gardens, that they were a perfect match. There was no need for posing - their intimacy and connection with each other was beautiful just by being themselves. Their connection with friends and family too was apparent at their breathtaking reception at South Perth's Boatshed Restaurant where they danced and laughed the night away. An incredible day that I was so touched to be a part of.

Bishops Lamont Wedding Perth - Michelle and Wes

It was so hard for me to select just a few images to blog from  Michelle and Wes's wedding - everything about it was so beautiful. A city wedding just before Christmas, with a beautiful serene, calm bride and a laid back groom, coupled with a most amazing dress from Galleria Couture and one of my favourite wedding venues, Bishops Lamonts. Michelle and Wes's wedding was one that reminded me how much I love my job and being part of something that is incredible and to capture these pockets of fun, laughter and love for them.


Swan Brewery Wedding - Megan and Jason

Lots of my clients tell me they had wanted to elope for their wedding day. Or they initially wanted it to be a small intimate affair but they just couldn’t make it work without upsetting people. However, when small weddings do happen, the intimacy of them is always beautiful. Megan and Jason’s wedding was exactly that. A morning ceremony followed by a stunning lunch by the river at the Old Swan Brewery, which was close by to some cool shady spots to hide us from the harsh midday sun for a few photos after the ceremony.


Darlington Estate Winery - Veronique and Tom

As a Kombi owner I always get a little excited when couples choose to have one as their wedding car. There's just something nostalgic that makes you feel like smiling when you see one. Veronique and Tom didn't need the Kombi to smile though, and they continued to beam at each other long after the bottle green Kombi chugged away into the sunset. They made their vows at Darlington Estate Winery - another one of those little hidden gems in the Perth Hills, which was beautifully set up for the reception under strings of fairy lights, nestled high up in the rolling hills.  


Amazing Indian Wedding - Megha and Adam, Perth

It is hard for me to find words to describe this most wonderful wedding I was privileged enough to photograph. It was my first Indian wedding and I found myself caught up in the whirlwind of energy and colour and vibrancy that radiated around this incredible couple, Megha and Adam. From the intricate details of the henna, to the sacred rituals performed by the priest to the spontaneous bollywood dancing on the dance floor that energised the room, it was three days that will be forever in my mind. Not just because it was so different and delightful but also because despite all the craziness that surrounded Megha and Adam and their different cultures, their connection to each other shone brighter than the brightest of weddings.

Belvoir Wedding Swan Valley - Deanne and Matthew

One of my (many) favourite things about photographing weddings is witnessing different cultures and their traditions when it comes to celebrating nuptials.  From Scottish kilts and bagpipes and Indian henna and saris, I find it fascinating to see traditions from around the world being carried out in our little isolated corner of Australia. While  I didn't get to see any plate smashing at Deanne and Matt's Greek wedding, what I did get to see was a deep sense of family and connection that so often prevails in Mediterranean cultures. I loved the way everyone including the little flower girls, instinctively linked arms and knew the steps for Greek dancing at their reception at the Belvoir in the Swan Valley, while Deanne's Yiayia smiled approvingly as they kicked their heels to the Greek music. It is after all what makes a wedding - family, friends, tradition, and love.


Dress: Pallas Couture

Ceremony: Guildford Grammar School 

Florist: Natural Art Flowers by Rebecca Grace

Reception: Belvoir

Frasers Wedding, Kings Park - Harsha and Paulo

There was a glow about Harsha, but it was the kind of glow that radiates from her all the time - not just on her wedding day. Which would explain why the dedicated pharmacist's clients adore her and turned up en masse to witness her marry the love of her life Paulo at Penrhos Chapel. It was the start of a long line up of celebrations with a garden party at Harha's parent's house first up to celebrate with her clients and the couple's friends and family. There was then a quick dash into the city and Kings Park for a few photos followed by a dazzling reception at the upstairs function room of Frasers, where guests were treated to cocktails and a jazz trio and a night of mouth watering food and wine and dancing. Next stop is India where the couple's Portuguese and Indian cultures will merge for a three day Indian wedding. When it comes to celebrating Harsha and Paulo know how to do it best!

Maritime Museum Wedding in Fremantle - Laura and Daniel

Laura and Daniel's wedding was the grand finale to an amazing wedding season for me. I have travelled to far flung places in our vast state of Western Australia, from the beautiful rolling green hills and wineries of Margaret River, to the rugged, untouched landscapes of Exmouth, to photograph the weddings of some truly amazing couples. Laura and Daniel's reception was at one of my all time favourite venues, the Maritime Museum after their ceremony at Aquanis College. The smile on Laura's face was magical to capture, infecting all those around her. Both Laura and Daniel come from large, close families, and watching them come together to celebrate made me want to toss aside the camera and throw back limoncellos and and kick off on the dance floor with them, so welcoming and loving they were! But I managed to resist. Just.

Blue Water Grill Wedding Perth - Gemma and Brett

When a couple first see their weddings photographs I get as excited as they do. I love it when they tell me they cried and smiled and laughed  and relived the whole day when they go through them all.  But I also relish in knowing that 10 or 20 years down the track that joy will be passed on when they share them with their kids. It's not just the pictures of the couple and how they looked back then, but to reminisce the journey of great friendships, and the chance to smile in remembering loved ones who have since passed. It's why I always stay on for at least a couple of hours at receptions because this is whenI really get to capture all the people that mean so much to a couple and are there to celebrate in their joy. Gemma and Brett were surrounded by people that relished in the excitement and celebrations of their beautiful day at Blue Water Grill in Applecross. Not only did the rain kindly keep its distance  until the last drop of sunlight disappeared, but the clouds also generously offered their softness, casting a beautiful golden light on the couple as we took photographs after the ceremony.

And Brett's lovely Pop made it to the ceremony, even standing proud from his mobility chair to offer his blessing and warm the rings. He watched dancing and drank champagne at the reception and saw his grandson bask in happiness with his new wife. It was the last time he would be with all his family in one place, in a time of great happiness, before he passed a few days later. And it's then when it hits you and you realise how precious photos really are. That it is so much more than just wedding photos, but about friendships, family and love and their journey.