Love is Love at Little Creatures

Most brides usually only wear their wedding dress once before it's boxed up and never sees daylight again. Vanessa and Penny however got to wear their wedding attire not once but three times for their weddings. The first was a small and intimate ceremony with family in England (where same sex marriages are legally recognised). The second was a stunning rustic Italian ceremony and celebration with family and friends just outside of Rome where Vanessa grew up (and where even this predominantly Catholic country legally recognises same sex marriages).

I felt honoured to photograph the third ceremony of this amazing, beautiful couple which took place in the dusky light of Fremantle harbour at Little Creatures Brewery upon their return to Australia. It was the finale to their epic gobe trotting wedding trail, but the excitement and nervous anticipation was still in abundance. To witness such love that these two had for each other, the gentle concerns and affection they showed each other without saying a word, the connection and love for their friends and family was such a privilege for me to capture it. I wish the Australian politicians who still have their heads stuck in the depths of the dark ages could have witnessed this too - because love like Vanessa and Penny's is too beautiful, too strong and too real to deny it anything less than the full rights and privileges that Australians are entitled to.