When love conquers rain

It was one of those anomoly Perth summer days when it rained. And not just rained, by night fall it was as if all the rain clouds in the world were passing by to drop their heavy loads on our normally parched Perth landscape. 

But that didn't dampen Nathan and Tayla's wedding. Because no amount of rain would be able to take the magic away from this beautiful couple. They took their chances on an outdoor ceremony at Matilda Bay where, as they said their vows, we saw the rain coming in across the river, ready to drench us all. But then most astonishingly, as if knowing there was something amazing, something that couldn't be interupted happening on the banks of the river, it turned away throwing us just a few teasing drops, leaving their ceremony in a dry peace.

After that it didn't really matter what the rain did. It came, it went, it came, it went and played with us well into the night. But when the rain took a brief interlude while we had photos, the gift of light it left behind was worth its intermittent tantrums. It was the kind of light that make photographers feel they've won the lottery.

With a reception aftewards in a marquee on a private property north of perth, the dramatic storms didn't  stop Nathan and Tayla celebrating well into the night with their friends and family.  It was meant to be a reception under the stars, and a string of fairy lights, but the last minute (and rather wise) decision for a marquee only added to the ambience of the most amazing night for them. A bit like married life really...we can plan all we like but, but real love can cope with whatever the wind blows (or even a rather dramatic summer storm).