North Fremantle Guildhall Wedding

On the night before his wedding Andy and his brothers spent hours knee deep in the river beside the old bridge in North Fremantle, etching his love for his wife-to-be on the river bed. Together they moved huge rocks into a heart shape containing the letters A + E, large enough to be read from high up in the sky - should a plane be passing by. And now it stakes Andy and Meiske’s claim on a place where they love to hang out, fish and drink beers.

Andy and Meiske aren’t the type to kowtow to traditions. So the big white shebang was never going to be their thing. Instead they walked down the aisle together at the recently renovated North Fremantle Guildhall after stopping for a pre wedding drink at the adjacent Mrs Browns bar. Surrounded by family and friends they had a relaxed courtyard ceremony which rolled into a night of sumptuous food, as the smell of smoked kebabs cooked, and drinks flowed. It was a in every way the most perfect wedding for such a unique and beautiful couple.