Jess and Alex's wedding in the Swan Valley - Sitella Winery

As a Perth wedding photographer, I find it's usually the groom who sheds a tear at wedding ceremonies while the bride manages to do a good job at keeping her mascara from running. Admittedly a good amount of tear purging is often achieved by the bride with her bridesmaids at some point while they get ready (with Kleenex to hand), but the blokes are too busy watching the cricket and figuring out the ironing board to pause for a good emotional heartfelt sob. So when she appears down the aisle, that is the moment when it catches him unaware and the realisation how much he loves this woman who he is about to spend the rest of his life with takes a hold. As it did for Alex when he saw Jess walk down the aisle at their Sitella Winery ceremony in the Swan Valley. It's a moment that I always think says more than any words ever can.