The Boatshed Wedding South Perth - Kate and Matt

Kate and Matt wanted their fur babies to be included in their wedding photos. Now I've always liked dogs, but never really grasped how one might feel the way about a dog as if it were their own child (after all it chews your shoes and poops randomly on the grass and pants and slobbers, which granted, my children went through all of that too, but they didn't have fur and they eventually learnt to talk). Then a month ago, we found ourselves at the freight terminal of the airport waiting for the arrival or our new puppy. It was that moment when he looked up at us, his little tail wagging ferociously, nuzzling into our laps and simultaneously peeing with such excitement, I got it. Of course you want your dogs in your wedding photos. It doesn't matter if they attempt to launch themselves at your white frock (all the wedding guests do that too when they congratulate you) because that's what kids do, and they know your love is unconditional. Even though it started to rain, even though Monty and Rosie were so super excited to see Kate wearing a dress to die for (or in their eyes perhaps to roll around in and jump up on), it was worth it to get those few shots. Because when all the mayhem has settled down and life goes on at its frantic pace, those memories of Kate and Matt with Rosie and Monty will become priceless.  It was just a few minutes following a beautiful ceremony at The Church of Resurection in Swanbourne and before a stunning reception on the river at The Boatshed in South Perth.