West Australian Rowing Club Wedding - Alexandra and Fabio

Alexandra and Fabio flew by helicopter to the top of a snowcapped mountain in New Zealand to get married. It was exactly how they wanted it to be – just the two of them with the celebrant, pilot and photographer as their witnesses. No fuss, no decorations to worry about, no seating plans to rearrange. Just them and a whole load of majestic scenery to witness their pledge to spend the rest of their lives together. For nine whole months they kept their nuptials a secret from everyone as they planned their ‘wedding’ the following year back in Alexandra’s home town of Perth. Their closest family and friends turned up at the West Australian Rowing Club in the late afternoon in April expecting to witness their wedding and instead were treated to a video of their exchange of vows in New Zealand. As Alexandra and Fabio waited outside while the video played, they released a sigh of relief as they heard their guests cheer with gusto as they sealed their vows with a kiss on the big screen for them all to witness the vows that had already taken place. It was a wedding with an unexpected twist but it certainly didn’t impact on the joy and celebrations that rocked the quaint little riverside weatherboard rowing club as they danced well into the night.