Sandalford Winery Wedding - Caolan and Emma

I first met Emma  four and a half years ago when I photographed her brother Ben's wedding. In that time I've photographed many of their friend's weddings so when Emma told me she was getting married to Caolan I was hugely excited for her - I couldn't wait. I knew she was going to look beautiful but when the self-professed tomboy walked down the aisle I could literally hear the gasps. She took everyone's breath away, not just Caolan's. The magic between Emma and Caolan overshadowed the pouring rain and howling wind during their ceremony at Hale School Chapel. It was a passion, a friendship and a love that was evident every time they looked at each other, a magic that brought all their friends and family together to celebrate afterwards at Sandalford Winery. A magic that I felt so proud to be asked to capture.