Linton and Kay Gallery in the City - Sonja and Aaron

It was so hard to pick just a few images for this blog post. As a Perth wedding photographer I've see a lot of cool locations, and Sonja and Aaron's wedding was certainly one of them.  Perhaps it was the cool locations – the quirky artwork at the Terrace Hotel where Sonja got ready with her bridesmaids and at the reception at Linton and Kay Gallery. Or maybe it was the breathtaking dress that Sonja wore and her infectious smile that dazzled everyone. Or the picture perfect Christ Church where they said their nuptials in Claremont.  But mostly I think it was the tenderness in Aaron's eyes whenever he looked at Sonja and the undeniable chemistry that after 15 years of being together was still smoking hot. Because if you're still smoking after 15 years, you know it's meant to be. 

Second Shooter: Carlos Arevalo