Brookside Winery Wedding Bickley - Sarah and Jack

I love shooting weddings at Brookside Winery. Not just because it's a beautiful setting in the Perth hills, at the foot of a valley with vineyards gently rolling down green lush hills to a babbling stream that runs through the property. Not just because it never fails to provide the kind of lighting that photographer's dream about within its lush green gardens and golden vines. And not just because the food is so beautifully presented and equally mouth watering delightful, that you momentarily forget that it is not the main attraction of the day that needs to be photographed. No the main reason that I love photographing at Brookside Winery is that the couples who choose to have their weddings here are the no-fuss, remember what it's all about kind of people. They are always fun, relaxed and always always so perfectly matched. Sarah and Jack are all of that. Photographing them together with all their friends and family at their beautifully intimate wedding was truly magical.