Frasers Restaurant Wedding Kings Park Perth - Clare and Clive

It's hard to believe looking at these pictures that Clare got this wedding dress only one week before her wedding. Yep, just one week!  It fits her so beautifully it looks like months and months of design and alterations involved. But not so. With just one week to go and discovering that the dressmaker accidentally botched up alterations on her original dress, Clare found herself hunting the bridal dress shops of Perth to find a replacement.  Not something every bride could pull off, but Clare turned potential wedding disaster into triumphant victory, when she slipped into this stunning gown from Hobbnob Bridal, as if it had been made just for her  and knocked the socks off her groom when she entered down the pathway to the Marlee Pavilion in Kings Park. Because nothing was going to get in the way of a good wedding for this amazing couple. And what a wedding it was with friends and family from all around the world celebrating with Clare and Clive at the stunning Frasers Restaurant in Kings Park overlooking Perth City. Frasers_Kings_Park_Wedding1CNCM018Frasers_Wedding_Kings_Park2CNCM033Frasers_Wedding_Kings_Park3CNCM035CNCM036CNCM052CNCM046CNCM066CNCM078CNCM081CNCM080CNCM083CNCM085CNCM086CNCM090CNCM095CNCM099CNCM114CNCM133CNCM148CNCM157CNCM179CNCM190Frasers_Marlee_Pavilion_Wedding_Kings_Park4CNCM185Frasers_Kings_Park_Wedding5CNCM203CNCM195CNCM221CNCM217CNCM215CNCM211Frasers_Kings_Park_Wedding_6CNCM253Kings_Park_Wedding_FrasersCNCM370CNCM349CNCM298CNCM373CNCM361CNCM359CNCM335CNCM318CNCM388CNCM390