Blue Water Grill Wedding Perth - Gemma and Brett

When a couple first see their weddings photographs I get as excited as they do. I love it when they tell me they cried and smiled and laughed  and relived the whole day when they go through them all.  But I also relish in knowing that 10 or 20 years down the track that joy will be passed on when they share them with their kids. It's not just the pictures of the couple and how they looked back then, but to reminisce the journey of great friendships, and the chance to smile in remembering loved ones who have since passed. It's why I always stay on for at least a couple of hours at receptions because this is whenI really get to capture all the people that mean so much to a couple and are there to celebrate in their joy. Gemma and Brett were surrounded by people that relished in the excitement and celebrations of their beautiful day at Blue Water Grill in Applecross. Not only did the rain kindly keep its distance  until the last drop of sunlight disappeared, but the clouds also generously offered their softness, casting a beautiful golden light on the couple as we took photographs after the ceremony.

And Brett's lovely Pop made it to the ceremony, even standing proud from his mobility chair to offer his blessing and warm the rings. He watched dancing and drank champagne at the reception and saw his grandson bask in happiness with his new wife. It was the last time he would be with all his family in one place, in a time of great happiness, before he passed a few days later. And it's then when it hits you and you realise how precious photos really are. That it is so much more than just wedding photos, but about friendships, family and love and their journey.