Mosmans Wedding Perth - Melissa and Michael

It's every little girl's dream: pretty floaty dresses to twirl in, flowers and new shoes to match, nails painted and a touch of lip gloss. I love seeing the delight and excitement of flower girls as they get ready with the bride, especially at Melissa and Mike's wedding where little Lulu could hardly keep still from excitement to have her hair done as she got ready with Melissa and her bridesmaids. The excitement and buzz continued when Mike saw his wife-to-be walk down the aisle at Mercedes Chapel (the expression on his face says it all!) followed by  a night of dancing, moving speeches and incredible food and wine  as the couple celebrated with friends and family at Mosmons, over the  Swan River that shimmered in the moonlight. Held on the eve of New Year's Eve, Melissa and Mike's wedding was a stunning finale to the end of 2013 weddings for me! MTMH028MTMH047MTMH013MTMH039MTMH065MTMH061MTMH066Mosmons_Wedding_Perth1MTMH093Mercedes_Chape_Perth_Wedding1MTMH108MTMH133Mercedes_Chapel_Perth_Wedding2MTMH170MTMH198MTMH189MTMH322Mosmons_Wedding_Perth_2MTMH253MTMH248MTMH293MTMH275MTMH290MTMH291Mosmons_Wedding+Perth3MTMH319Mosmons-wedding_Perth7Mosmons_Wedding_Perth6MTMH359Mosmons_Wedding_Perth5MosmonsWeddingPerth4MTMH441MTMH442MTMH467MTMH466MTMH476MTMH458