Mosmans Wedding Perth - Carmela and Nick

It was a sizzling hot day in Perth when Nick and Carmela got married. A scorcher. Nick was fervently mopping his brow in the church before his bride made her appearance. Probably the nerves didn't help. But when Carmela walked down the Mercedes Chapel aisle, he simply melted at the sight of her. I don't pose couples for wedding shoots - I think if it's posed it will look exactly like that. Instead I encourage them to just be as they are with each other. And this is how it was for Carmela and Nick. A calm serenity, a connection and understanding that binds them. And it shows from the moment they caught sight of each other at the chapel until the dancing at their dazzling reception at Mosmons. CPNM063Mosmons_Wedding_Perth1CPNM011CPNM043Mosmons_Wedding_Perth2CPNM062CPNM068CPNM070CPNM086CPNM091CPNM099CPNM100CPNM101CPNM106CPNM103Mercedes_Chapel_Wedding_PerthMercedes_Chapel_Wedding_Perth2CPNM128CPNM161Mercedes_Chapel_Wedding_Perth3CPNM162CPNM186Mercedes_Chapel_Wedding_Perth4CPNM208CPNM234CPNM242CPNM265CPNM273Mosmons_Wedding_Perth4CPNM297CPNM314CPNM315CPNM327Mosmons_Wedding_Perth3CPNM434CPNM431CPNM451CPNM438CPNM452CPNM456CPNM460CPNM465