Trustee Bar City Wedding Perth - Meg and Steve

You couldn't get more festive than Meg and Steve's wedding that was in the centre of Perth a couple of weekends ago - on the same day as the Perth City Pageant! This was a no fuss affair, a celebration with friends and family in the ultra hip Trustee Bar on St George's Tce, after a short and sweet ceremony in the Queens Gardens. As Meg and Steve walked down the centre of St George's Tce to get to the Trustee Bar after stopping for a few photos around Wolfe Lane, hundreds of eagerly awaiting spectators stopped to admire the newlyweds and congratulate them. Then as the night drew in the couple's guests were treated to the best view in town of the parade  as giant fairies, dancers and the Big Red Man himself floated past the windows of the Trustee Bar. A truly festive wedding! MISB040MISB037Perth_City_WeddingQueens_Garden_Perth_City_WeddingMISB061MISB067MISB069MISB081Queens_Garden_Perth_City_Wedding2MISB085MISB100MISB097MISB095MISB116MISB119MISB122MISB124Wolfe_Lane_Perth_WeddingMISB155MISB156MISB164MISB167MISB171MISB178MISB179Trustee_Bar_Wedding_perthTrustee_Bar_Perth_City_WeddingMISB197MISB217MISB235MISB244MISB272