Rottnest Island Wedding Perth - Anna and Tim

Could there be a more relaxed way to get married than on Rottnest Island? Where Quokkas meander under the tables, munching on flowers that have fallen to the ground. Where turquoise sea shimmers in every back drop. Where traffic doesn't exist, only the odd ting of a bicycle bell passing. Where the only measure of time is the rising and setting of the sun. I felt I was cheating somehow because Anna and Tim's wedding didn't feel like work, it was like one lovely delicious holiday that I got to share with them. Friends and family settled in for the weekend to witness their vows in the quaint little Trinity Church at the top of the hill, before celebrating with a long and decadent lunch at the Hotel Rottnest. There was dancing, laughter, tears, fine food and wine and an abundance of love all set against what has to be one of the world's most beautiful beaches. It can't get better than this. ATK002ATK033ATK032ATK070ATK064ATK072ATK031ATK017ATK011ATK041ATK048ATK074Rottnest_island_Wedding_1ATK079ATK090ATK094ATK108Rottnest_wedding_3Rottnest_Island_Wedding_2ATK194Rottnest_Island_WEdding6ATK215ATK216ATK219ATK241ATK242ATK246Rottnest_Island_Wedding_5ATK247Rottnest_Wedding_Island5ATK286ATK301ATK315ATK343ATK350Rottnest_wedding4ATK373ATK398ATK401ATK414ATK432ATK433ATK340