Hyde Park Picnic Wedding Perth - Emily and Adrian

Emily and Adrian's wedding was a picnic affair, and oh what a picnic it was. Set in the shady depths of Hyde Park, their wedding was a nod to a bygone era of old fashioned games and lazy afternoons in the park, with friends and family, flowing wine and tasty morsels of finger food by Chica Catering . After getting ready together, Emily and Adrian walked hand in hand under the canopy of trees in Hyde Park to meet their eagerly awaiting friends and family for their short and sweet ceremony. Handmade red and white polka dot picnic blankets were then spread across the grass as the newly weds meandered with friends and family for the afternoon, as props, games and polaroid cameras were passed around, and finally cooling off with scrumptiously flavoured handmade icy poles by La Paleta - pina colada, pimms and pink lemonade, to name a few. A truly scrumptious day. _DSC3834_DSC3867Hyde_Park_Perth_Picnic_Wedding1_DSC3936_DSC3937_DSC3965_DSC3973_DSC4005Hyde_Park_wedding_perth_6Hyde_Park_Wedding_perth-picnic8_DSC4029_DSC9377_DSC4033_DSC4051_DSC9393Hyde_Park_Wedding_Perth_Picnic10_DSC9432_DSC9442_DSC9563Hyde_Park_Perth_Wedding_lollies_sweets_DSC4128_DSC9444_DSC4160Hyde_Park_Wedding_Perth_Picnic_Games5Hyde_Park_Wedding_Perth_11_DSC9467_DSC4208Hyde_Park_Wedding_Picnic_Games_Perth7_DSC9495Hyde_Park_Wedding_Perth_icypoles3_DSC9731Hyde_Park_Wedding_perth_9_DSC4301_DSC4366_DSC4446_DSC9753_DSC9754Hyde_Park_Perth_picnic_wedding2