Getting Ready

The bridal preparations has to be my favourite part of the wedding day - the moment a father sees his daughter in her dress, a look of love and pride in a mother’s eye; when a bride pauses amidst the mayhem and excitement to reflect on her life ahead; when a groom tries to hide his nerves with bravado with his mates. After a while, they forget that I am there and then I am able to capture the chaos, anticipation, nerves, excitement, tears and emotion that flow freely at this time. I keep myself in the background, constantly observing, deciding what to shoot, always looking for clean composition, symmetry and lines to create a shot that reflects who the bride is and her relationship with those sharing this time with her. I usually shoot in black and white during getting ready to focus on the emotion rather than being distracted by colours and background clutter. These are some of my favourite from 2012/13.