In good hands

Weddings are an industry unto themselves as any bride will testify, with the huge array of choices and options to be made to make a wedding day so completely ‘perfect’. But on Saturday I was reminded of what weddings are really about. Stripped of the minute wedding details such as props, stationery, canapés, signage and bouquets of table flowers, Alyce and Mark’s wedding managed to move me in a way no other wedding has.

As the last of the rays of winter sun faded into night, nothing else mattered to this beautiful couple but to share the moment of becoming husband and wife with their family.

And for Alyce she will now have those precious last memories of her father David on her wedding day, when he held his little girl’s hand one last time and walked her down the aisle to give her away. May you rest in peace now David, your little girl is in good hands.