Wedding at the maritime museum fremantle

I was looking through my own parent's wedding album a few days before shooting Sam and Ben's wedding on Saturday, searching for glimpses of their personalities and who they were in their youth, who they were before they became a mum and a dad. The clothes, the 60s decor - everything that provided clues to their lives back then was suddenly so important. And so I realised when I set out on Saturday that the photos I would take at this wedding were not just for Sam and Ben. They were also for their children and their children's children who will one day savour Sam's cheeky smile, and sigh at the love so evident in her bright green eyes. They will sense Ben's nervousness as he waits in the church, they will draw inspiration from Sam's creativity and style, and laugh at their infectious energy. This is the essence of what needs to be captured at a wedding, so that one day when their children or nieces and nephews look through their wedding photos, they will have a story of  this beautiful couple - their mum, dad, aunty, uncle, grandma and granddad -  and who they were back then.