The way he looks at her

You'd think I would get a bit immune to wedding emotion after shooting so many of them. But when I spent hours photographing Kristen and her bridesmaids getting ready, from the buzz of their girly chatter, I got to know more about her and her love for Danny. The bridal preparations are an incredibly intimate time, and it's the time of a wedding I love photographing the best. I love that it takes hours and hours to get ready for someone you love. I love how girly it is and that our great great grandmothers would have been getting ready pretty much the same way on their wedding day with their girlfriends.  It's very intimate and although I'm largely in the background, I always feel hugely privileged to be there. So after five hours of preparation, when Kristen walked down the aisle  in the garden of her parent's beautiful Cottesloe home, I confess I felt a lump in my throat when I saw the way Danny looked at her - not just for that moment but for the entire day and night. There was no need for words, it was all in his eyes.