Kalbarri camping

There was a reason why most of the kids in the Kalbarri campsite we stayed at were over the age of 8. Caught up in a wave of optimistic enthusiasm for our first camping trip as a family, we had not fully considered the finer details of camping with three and five year olds – frequent toilet trips, bed wetting and tantrums in confined spaces to name a few. While the campsite where we stayed was reminiscent of a youth camp where older kids congregated in the park to discuss the merits of mobile phone tunes and apps or partake in bombing competitions in the campsite's pool, we did not have the luxury of leaving our kids to their own devices while swigging back a few cold ones. We could only look on at those families in envy. Fortunately there was heaps to do to keep us occupied in Kalbarri - a bucket and spade  and a few rock pools go a long way on beautiful beaches, making the long road trip well worth it.