Blogging geek

It was only five years ago when I was sifting through a pile of CVs in search of a fellow journalist for the company I was working for at the time, when I came across one CV that invited me to check out the candidate's blog. Check out his what? There was general consensus in the office that either this guy was making crude suggestions or he was some kind cyberspace geek that probably didn't know how to interact with the real world. We put his CV in the reject pile. And now here I am, beginning my blog (after a week of grappling with cyberspace lingo and much head scratching) as a photographer.  Research points to blogging as the way forward to boost google search engine ratings and generate publicity for companies while ensuring websites are kept current with regular updates. Who knows, but for me this is the perfect way to combine my love of writing with my passion for taking pictures. And now if someone wants to find out more about me and my work I can tell them to check out my blog. Hopefully they won't be as technologically challenged as I was five years ago.